Announcing Neat!

This week I want to talk about an Open Source project I’ve launched called Neat! When I say Open Source, I mean that this project is licensed under the MIT License, you can read this license in the LICENSE.txt file included with the project, or at the following URL –

This project will contain many handy little infrastructure things that come in handy when working with .Net.

So far I’ve added a RESTful client object that greatly simplifies the work of calling and using responses from RESTful services. You’ll find this under the Neat.Service.Client.Rest namespace. I’ve also added some wrappers, generated using the technique covered last week, of some of the .Net components needed for the framework components that have been added. These are in the Neat.Wrapper namespace.

You can find the code for this project on GitHub at Contact me at if you’d like to contribute.

Planned for this framework are the following features –

    • Encryption
      • SHA-512
      • MD5
      • AES (Rijndael)
    • Unity
      • Lifetime Handlers
        • WebContext
        • ServiceContext
    • Aspects
      • Logging
      • Performance
      • Feature Flag
      • Exception Handling
    • ServiceHosts & Factories (WCF)
    • Controller Factories
      • MVC 4
    • Random String Generation
    • Configuration Management
      • MsNetAppSettingsXml
      • MsNetCustomSettingsXml
      • MsNetConnectionStringsXml

Please contact me if you’d like to suggest anything as well.


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